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Triumphant return and [Visible] III in production!!!

2010-03-23 10:25:47 by AethosGames

Holy crap Psyflash is back!!!

I've returned from basic and we are allowed to use laptops during AIT! That means I can start to make my next game! I decided against making the RPG game until after my next game, which will be the one you've all been waiting for: [Visible] III !!!!!!

If you all have any suggestions for the game, let me know please. This version of [Visible] will be what the series should have been the first time plus some. It will include a level editor, which was a huge request from [Visible] II, as well as powerups and multiple suits to use during the game that give you special abilities and invulnerabilities. The art will be top-notch and I will be hiring an artist from NG as has been my custom once I have enough of it done to know what I will need drawn. I will be focusing on redicing lag which has been the large downfall of the last two. I will also be making the collision detection much more forgivable. Yes, it wont be as mind-numbingly hard as the last two. Oh, dont worry, it'll still be hard. It is a [Visible] game after all ;) I will be making a sequel to telegrav to warm up my game making skills beforehand though. That should take about a month in total due to my limited access to the internet.

The game will probably take 4.5 months since I dont get a ton of free time to make it during the next 10 weeks at AIT. Maybe less depending on how fast I can get it put together.

Anyways, give me some suggestions and let me know what you think the game should have and how excited you are for it!

Play Thief's Escape! Now!

It was a lot of fun to make, and I hope you have fun playing it.

Now to the regrettable news. Sadly, I'll be taking a 4-6 month leave from developing flash games. Leaving for army basic training and AI (job training). I wont have any access to flash during basic, and I may have access to flash during AI. So its 4 or 6 months depending on whether I can bring my own computer to AI or not.

But when I get back, I will be making the most EPIC GAME EVER!!!

It will be a fighter RPG game, and it will be full of awesome. But, thats a long ways away. I have a lot of time to think about the game from here till now, so you can be sure it'll be good. Well, it is also a game by me, so that's just further reassurance.

Sorry to my fans for leaving temporarily, but I will be back!!!

Revert to Growth! Play it Now!

Please vote and review so that I can continue to improve my games!

Also, a quick news flash: I'll be releasing another game in a couple of weeks. But for now, you can enjoy my 2 months of hard work on Revert to Growth.

Konami makes [Visible] ripoff! WTF?!

2009-09-24 17:37:09 by AethosGames

Seriously, WTF?! tions-trailer

That looks strangely like the game I made earlier in the year, which most of you may know.

The game that Konami / Intristic Games ripped this off from is a game called [Visible], and some of you may be fans of the series. Send them an angry letter =P

I know I will >=|


Sorry for keeping you all in the dark as of late. I have decided to keep you out of the dark with a BIG update. I have been hard at work for the past month, and am now happy to announce my next game: Revert to Growth! The game should be released in early October. The idea came from the game I made for a game development competition (for which I won 1st ;D). The competition was to make a game in 24 hours with the theme "growth". Of course, any good game takes a while to make, so I decided to develop it further.

The game is about a robot stranded on a planet without technology. He must find the parts to his wrecked spaceship and return home. With the help of his hovering robot that has the ability to grow plants, he shall complete his spaceship and return home. The game is a platformer with puzzle elements, and the art is amazing. Heres one screenshot, the rest are here:

PsyFlash's Site

Secret Game Revealed!!! With Screenshots!!!

Wow, this is a lot at once. A daily award, a front paged game, and my first front page post :)

Not to mention my first game with medals. There will be medals coming soon to [Visible] II, so keep checking back.

Also, a new, top secret game is in the works. More on that later.

OK, [Visible] II is out

2009-07-16 16:59:33 by AethosGames

Please leave some good feedback so that I can make the third even better.

[Visible] II coming soon!!!

2009-07-03 01:22:30 by AethosGames

Within the next week. Keep an eye out and vote 5 :)

If you are not a member of FlashGameLicense and/or FlashGameArt, you'll need an account to bid.

Bid price: $400

This is the entire game art.

This is no ordinary bid. I like to make things fun with a competition. After the deadline of July 10th 2009, I will be selecting an artist based on the skill and style shown in the entry peice. In case of a tie, the bid will be used as a tie-breaker only. The skill of the artist is the main factor in this competition.

These are the required peices for entry (see below for descriptions of required works):

--Fertile Ground Tile Set

-- Robot, standing animation

--1 plant (in the animation style of the Revert to Growth game plants on my Flash Game License profile (4 still frames fading out then into the next at the same time)

When you bid on FGA, link me to your entry swf in the comments.

This competiton will likely extend outside of the FGL/FGA community, just so you know.


Required Work Details:

All animations in 35 fps

Tile base size = 20x20

Max tile size = 30x30

Screen size = 460x400

Tile set example:
26038/tile_example.bmp (like this, but not crappy art :P)

The stone set will of course not be exactly like that, but Tiles must smoothly integrate into each other, including the corners together.

-Preloader: 100 frame animation

-Menu Screen (5 buttons)

-Credits Screen (5 categories: programming, art, audio, sponsored by, other thanks)

-Level Editor UI: 400x 300

-10 Backgrounds (to be used in-game) 460x400

-36 Tiles total, consisting of:

---12 Fertile Ground Tiles:See tile examples

--- 12 Semi-Fertile Ground Tiles:See tile examples(Mostly dirt with a few bunches of grass, except the center tile of course)

---12 Stone Ground Tiles :See tile example(stone ground tiles are different, as they dont have grass. Outside tile should be slightly larger than 20x20)

-Movable rock: 45x45px

-4 different plants, 4 still shots each (progressing in growth)

-Pause Menu with options

-Robot: 60x40 (must move on treads, standing[so to speak], moving, and jumping animations))

-Flying Robot: 20x20 (Think 343 guilty spark from halo in style)

-Door: 60x60

-Victory/Submit Score

-Find a font to suit the game art style

[Visible] II is done!!!

2009-06-09 00:39:28 by AethosGames

It's finally finished! Look for it in late June or early July!