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Yes!!! I finally have my own webstie to display my flash work on!! This was mostly done in preparation for the release of Orb Hunter (sometime in the next 3 days). Please check it out!

Here's whats going on now...

2008-09-25 16:52:24 by AethosGames

Coin Hunter 2 is in the works... kinda.

It's going to be called orb hunter, and its kind of going to be like an rpg type game kind of like the legend of zelda. I've just gotta learn some code and my graphics polished up.

I'm also thinking about doing an actual animation, but they are so much more time consuming than games. Well, maybe not if you're good, but I'm not that good yet.

That's all for now.



2008-09-19 21:02:24 by AethosGames

I've uploaded my first Flash movie. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks