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I've now officially set the [Visible] II completion date to June 10th, 2009. Note that that's the day that it will be finished, not the day that it will be released. I'm guessing that the release date for [Visible] II will be sometime in late June early July. Now you know...


P.S. It's going to be awesome.

Star Catch is here now!

2009-05-27 14:02:40 by AethosGames

Play it please :)

New game!!! Not here yet...

2009-05-12 01:51:49 by AethosGames

I've made a new game, but it's not here yet. The graphics are nice, so be patient. It's called Star Catch, so keep an eye out.

Sorry everyone, but applications for the artist position for [Visible] II had been filled. Just letting you know. Thank you to all who entered.

I'm looking for an artist for [Visible] II. To view [Visible], click on this link:


I'm taking the art into a new direction for this game. The ground will just be plain black, but the character design will be more intricate. The artist will need strong animation skills and paypal (the only way I'll pay). Here are the steps:

1) Draw your idea for the character (create some concept art). The character is a secret agent in training. It should be some kind of a ninja/ Secret agent mix, and he should have a high-tech look about him. I will also need an animation of said character to test animation skills. No particular sequence is needed, I just want to see him doing something (moving). To get the general mood for the game, play the link above.

2) Email the .fla containing the Concept art and animation it to me at

The Email should have a subject of : Art for [Visible] II, (your name).

I will give potential artists plenty of time to get this to me. I will accept entries until March 30th. The final artist should be picked by April 10th. However, you will be notified of your potential eligibility by the 6 of April.

Eligible artists will be notified about the final animations/ art needed for the game by the 8 of April. You may choose to back out after that, if you so choose. Commitment is expected after this point.

Now, down to money...

The artist for [Visible] II will get 25% of the total sponsorship/ license dollars, with a minimum payment of $200. This includes initial sponsorship/license and non- exclusive licenses. The artist will be paid by paypal only.

Any other questions that you might have, shoot me a PM or email me.


[Visible] is finally done

2009-02-19 00:58:18 by AethosGames

My current project, [Visible], is finally done. The only thing stopping me from posting it is finding a sponsorship ;hopefully from Newgrounds ;) . The game will be released promptly after I am able to do so. It's pretty good, and it's challenging.

Website is now updated!!!

2008-12-09 00:32:29 by AethosGames

It was a pain to update my website, so I redid it. the new website is now up and running (with the benfit of being easier to update), so go check it out! I'm working on [VISIBLE] right now, and there should be some kind of demo on my site in the next couple weeks. Later...

New game announcement!!!

2008-12-01 00:49:46 by AethosGames

i am starting a new game, which I've been planning out the last week or so. I've been learning up on code, and have gotten a lot more efficient. Not only that, but I'm doing my own art, and animating the stuff myself too (some of which is frame by frame). this game will be extremely high quality, or i wont release it. Wait for it, it's worth it. Here's a teaser:

New game announcement!!!

Please test my game... :)

2008-11-05 22:15:26 by AethosGames

I made a game recently, and i think it's a strong foundation. I would like to have people play it and give me feedback on how to improve it. I won't put it on newgrounds until I think it's ready. Play it here:

Play TeleGrav!

Please test my game... :)


2008-10-25 13:37:45 by AethosGames

Orb Hunter is out! Go play it!!!