Eating brains with a 15% increase in gross revenue, and other news

2012-12-11 21:23:44 by AethosGames

A little goody down there so you can see what I'm working on RIGHT AT THIS VERY MOMENT!

and in other news, Qoosh won't be released here on NG until February/March for business reasons, but I will give links to play the game and to nominate it for best puzzle game of the year (at least I hope) once it is released on other places later this month (at least I hope).

Also prototyping an exciting project, and will potentially be looking for an artist in a couple of months. Lots of stuff happening here at Aethos Games!

(btw if you want to beta test Qoosh but missed my last news post, check out the trailer on the last post and send me a PM)

Eating brains with a 15% increase in gross revenue, and other news


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2012-12-12 01:36:43

I don't know where this is going but I like this game so far!!!

AethosGames responds:

You wont like it when the zombies get brains on your balance sheet! They even got it in the liabilities column!

Silly zombies, everyone knows that brains belong in the assets column!

... unless they are retained earnings. Then they go under equity...


2012-12-12 02:19:52

Lookin' forward to seeing Qoosh available for the world wide web to enjoy! Very neat game.

Quite curious about this zombie game. Zombies in the business world? The mind boggles...

AethosGames responds:

Who can resist zombies sending faxes?