HEY! Check out my the trailer for my new game!

2012-09-21 18:54:46 by AethosGames

So I just finished my newest game, appropriately titled Qoosh. And like the title of this post says, check out the trailer for it!

It's looking for a sponsor right now and playtester reception seems to be pretty good. I hope you all enjoy it when it comes out!

HEY! Check out my the trailer for my new game!


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2012-09-22 14:43:31

I wanted to audition for this, but lost track of the news feed... One of my biggest regrets. >:/

AethosGames responds:

Thats a bummer. BUT! Hopefully you will enjoy the game when it comes out!


2012-09-23 04:01:38

Yeah, definitely gonna keep track of it. Looks really damn intuitive.


2012-11-12 17:51:59

ahh so you took my advice and made it a tile based puzzle game after all.

AethosGames responds:

Yeah. After really thinking about how I could use the mechanic in a much simpler game, it just made too much sense. I think I remember telling you that the mechanic reminded me of portal, so I just kind of ran with it. BTW, would you like to beta test it?