Looking for a male voice actor for my game!

2012-09-11 19:29:52 by AethosGames

Thanks to everyone who applied! There were a lot of great voices, but someone just happened to have the perfect fit.

What's up Newgrounds?

I'm casting for a male voice actor for my flash game, Qoosh.

Qoosh is a game about a lone green blob forced to do experiments at Q-Science labs. The experiments start off all fine and dandy, but things turn south when a government inspection threatens to shut the lab down.

The voice I will be needing is for the test analysis coordinator. He makes regular comments in the game totaling around 100 or so lines. He's about 40 years of age, well educated but with a sick sense of humor, and a mildly sarcastic tone. He also REALLY loves science and data, even enough to break the law to obtain it.

I would like these lines recorded for the audition, and emailed to aethos [at] aethosgames.com with the subject titled: Voice Acting Audition - Qoosh (Your Name Here)

Line 1: "You didn't explode. Good. I was beginning to get discouraged after the last hundred or so subjects."

Line 2: "Those boxes also remind me of your mother. Rest her soul."

Line 3: "Oh hello there Mr. Smith. Thank you for taking the time to evaluate our new chambers. As you can see, our subject has suffered minimal physical and emotional trauma. Probably because he doesn't have feelings."

Here is a link to some gameplay footage (the game is currently at about 80% completion):


You will, of course, be listed in the credits on the main menu, and my games typically get over a million views so that is a fair amount of exposure.


In the email, I will require three things:

The subject heading for the email
Your recorded audition lines
An estimate of how much you would like to be paid for the job

I do have a budget, so please be reasonable with your estimates.Good luck!


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2012-09-11 20:47:42

Hey, I'm a male!


2012-09-11 20:53:25

I can try for a 40 year old voice, I'm not too far off myself.


2012-09-11 20:54:47

I'll shoot you an email when I get off work.


2012-09-11 23:42:17

I've send you an e-mail.


2012-09-12 01:45:59

I'll send you some stuff tomorrow! :v


2012-09-12 02:17:57

Sounds like a game Nitrome did awhile back. The exact same premise/story. The gameplay looks different but both characters are blobs and it is a platformer.

AethosGames responds:

I think I remember the game you are talking about, and I assure you that it is most certainly not the same game.


2012-09-12 17:34:33

How convenient this happened to come along! I'll send you my email shortly. Though I'm not as seasoned as others, I thought this was worth at least a shot. :)


2012-09-12 19:29:51

Well crap, I'm way off on age. Doesnt mean I cant try