New Game, Zombies, Inc.

2012-02-23 15:44:21 by AethosGames

Have you ever wanted to be the CEO of a company that develops Zombies and takes over the world? FUCK YEAH YOU HAVE!!!

Zombies, Inc.

Go play it please :)


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2012-02-23 20:47:06

Sweet game dude! Keep it up!

AethosGames responds:

Thanks man!


2012-04-13 17:43:36

Check out this new and original game!

AethosGames responds:

That game is totally awesome!


2012-04-22 14:23:02

Heyyy what happened to that Jingle game you were workin on with mindchamer?

I like that dudes art its all funky n stuff.

zombiegame was fun too much readin tho :/

AethosGames responds:

Unfortunately, that project is no longer in the works. Flash wasn't able to handle the kind of game I wanted to make it, and the game ended up getting too large to handle. However, I'm making a much smaller game using the same mechanic, so look forward to that!