Thanks for the frontpage!

2011-09-06 20:47:37 by AethosGames

Revert to Growth 2 got frontpage, thanks Tom! It also got my first daily 1st! Thanks David (from DVGmusic) and JordanD, as well as Selcuk (from Symphony of Specters) for doing awesome art and audio!

Go play it now if you haven't already!

Also, I'll be updating my blog with more news on Jing soon, so keep an eye out!


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2011-09-06 21:01:27

Dude... I didn't know you lived in Denver. I visited like last week D :

AethosGames responds:

We should have hung out and drank alcohol.


2011-09-06 23:36:44

It's a great game, you deserved it!

AethosGames responds:

Thank you kindly.


2011-09-07 11:04:04

fun game!

what happened to the RPG?

AethosGames responds:

About that... The artist had to leave so I was unable to complete it. It's a shame really.