Need voice actor to make fun of politics

2011-05-06 16:21:13 by AethosGames

Hello my fellow newgrounders!

I am working on a presentation for school titled "The guide to becoming a successful politician". I am looking for a voice actor willing to do a few lines for me as a favor.

The presentation is my final assignment for my advanced english composition class, the theme of the paper being persuasion using humor. The thing I will need a voice actor for is the administration of the 'Political Aptitude Test', the line I need will read something like this:

"You are about to take the Political Aptitude Test. This test is designed to analyse your disposition towards political philosophies. The Political Aptitude Test is sponsored by big tobacco."

The voice I want will sound something like the announcer at the beginning of Portal 2(Like this)

Oh, also Revert to Growth 2 is done with the exception of music. Still waiting on that.


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2011-05-06 16:49:31

Wish I could speak like Cave, guess I could practice, shoot me a PM. D:


2011-05-06 19:57:41

Here ya go : thosgames/aethos-political-ricerpirat e.mp3

AethosGames responds:

Thanks a lot, you are an american hero :)


2011-06-18 12:34:46

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